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    Congratulations To:
  • Students and Staff – Meeting ALL 7 TEA Accountability Standards including earning Distinction Designation on 3 of the 7 indices for 2018-19 academic year.
  • HS Boys BB All-District 15-1A – 2nd Team: Kyle Davis, Ralph Garza, David Reyna
  • SPCHEA Tennis @ Levelland – Singles: Regan Chandler(1st) -- Doubles: Destinee Reyna/Melania Ramirez(1st)
  • HS Girls BB All-District 15-1A – Defensive Player Of Year - Destinee Reyna -- 1st Team: Kinley Chandler, Kaydence Leyva -- 2nd Team: Melania Ramirez -- Honorable Mention: Regan Chandler
  • TTU Fearless Champions UIL – Math: Team/2nd (Madison White/3rd, David Reyna, Jaxon White, Melania Ramirez) -- NumSen: Madison White/3rd -- Calc: Jaxon White/3rd
  • TTU Classic UIL Medalists – CalcApp: Jaxon White(1st + $2,000 scholarship), Kinley Chandler(3rd), Madison White(3rd) - NumSen: Madison White (3rd)
  • JH BB @ Guthrie Tourney – Girls(3rd), Boys(3rd)
  • TTU Christmas UIL Medalists – Math: Madison White(1st + $500 scholarship), Jaxon White(2nd) - CalcApps: Jaxon White(3rd)
  • HS FB Honorees – Kyle Davis: AcadAllState TSMCA and THSCA, DE-2nd Team, TE-2nd Team -- David Reyna: AcadAllState TSMCA, LB-1st Team -- Ralph Garza: RB-1st Team, Util-2nd Team -- Matthew Moncrief: C-2nd Team -- Ashton Quilimaco: DE-2nd Team
  • Elem/JH District UIL – Gr2: Kylee Quilimaco (2nd/CreaWri), Trenton Fairchild (4th/CreaWri,2nd/StoTell), Wyatt McCoy (4th/Chess) --Gr3: Levi McCoy (3rd/Chess,3rd/Spell) --Gr4: Tatom Bridge (1st/Chess,6th/RdyWri,1st/NumSen), Abigail Atkinson (6th/Chess), Team 2nd/Chess, Team 1st/NumSen --Gr5: Gary Benavides (2nd/Maps,5th/NumSen,5th/RdyWri), Emma Schaffner (3rd/Maps,6th/Spell), Kayson Chandler (4th/Spell), Team 2nd/Maps, Team 3rd/NumSen, Team 2nd/Spell --Gr6: Leyla Quilimaco (1st/CalcApp,6th/Dict), Jet Ramirez (4th/CalcApp,2nd/Dict,6th/NumSen,3rd/RdyWri), Hunter Abernathy (5th/CalcApp), Team 1st/CalcApp, Team 3rd/NumSen --Gr7: Diezel Ramirez (2nd/CalcApp,1st/Chess,2nd/Dict,2nd/Maps,2nd/Math,4th/NumSen,3rd/OralRd,6th/SocStu), Raylee Martin (3rd/CalcApp), Brooklyn Freeman (4th/Calc,5th/RdyWri), Maria Ramirez (6th/Math), Aydan Posey (4th/Sci), Team 1st/CalcApp --Gr8: Trinity Willis (2nd/CalcApp,2nd/SocStu), Jolie Gressett (4th/CalcApp,2nd/RdyWri,4th/Sci), Team 2nd/CalcApp
  • TTU Fandango UIL Medalists – CalcApps: Jaxon White(2nd) - Math: Jaxon White(3rd)
  • HS XC Region 2-A @ San Angelo – Girls: Melania Ramirez (9th/StateQual) - Boys: David Reyna (13th/StateQual). State meet Nov. 9 @ Round Rock.
  • HS/JH XC District @ Spur – HS Girls: Team 3rd/RegQual (Melania Ramirez-7th/RegQual, Kinley Chandler, Regan Chandler, Destinee Reyna, Trinity Willis) - HS Boys: David Reyna-3rd/RegQual, Jaxon White-5th/RegQual - JH Boys: Ben McKinney-7th
  • HS XC @ Wichita Falls – Girls: Melania Ramirez (4th), Kinley Chandler (23rd) - Boys: David Reyna (1st), Jaxon White (17th), Devon Reyna (19th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Anson – HS Girls: Melania Ramirez (9th) - JH Girls: Liz Morales (9th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Spur – HS Girls: Melania Ramirez (6th), Destinee Reyna (15th) - HS Boys: David Reyna (7th), Jaxon White (11th) - JH Boys: Ben McKinney (11th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Crowell – HS Girls: Melania Ramirez (6th) - HS Boys: David Reyna (2nd), Jaxon White (7th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Guthrie – HS Girls: Team 3rd, Melania Ramirez (5th) - HS Boys: David Reyna (2nd), Jaxon White (6th), Devon Reyna (9th) - JH Boys: Benjamin McKinney (6th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Valley – HS-David Reyna (3rd), JH-Benjamin McKinney(10th)
  • HS XC @ San Angelo Stampede – David Reyna(13th)
  • HS FB – Victory over Cotton Center Elks.
  • HS XC @ Haskell – David Reyna(2nd)
  • Administration – Superior Rating-School FIRST-Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, 2018-19 Ratings Based on School Year 2017-2018 Data